Driving Digital transformation for society

Innovating and deploying scalable computing and data management technologies for a sustainable development.

Scalable Computing System Architectures

Excellence in large-scale systems, tailored architectures, deployment, operation, and automation processes in different domains.

On-Premise, Cloud, and Edge Ecosystems

From private, public and hybrid cloud through containerization to edge computing solutions. Sustainable infrastructure technologies.

Big Data Management

Repositories, structured and non-structured data, voluminous and high-rate data streams. Distributed and heterogeneous data sources. FAIR  data principles compliance.

Data Analytics and Applied Artificial Intelligence

Speed-up data analytics with in-memory frameworks and simplified integration with AI-based applications.


Our vision: efficiency and competitiveness through technological innovation 

Quanta Labs was founded to promote digitization and access to information technologies for responsible and sustainable development. Our mission is focused on the innovation and exploitation of computer systems and services for advanced computing, data management, and artificial intelligence applications. We firmly believe that improving efficiency and competitiveness in the scientific, economic and industrial spheres requires adaptation to new digital tools in synergy with technological innovation with a social impact.


We offer our clients from both the public and private sectors professionalism and experience in researching, developing, and applying information and communication technologies. Our team includes Ph.D. researchers and systems and communications engineering staff with more than 15 years of experience in disruptive projects and creating and operating robust systems in large-scale production.


We provide tailor-made solutions for scalable computer systems and consulting services for complex architectures and applications.


Our data management and analytics solutions provide acceleration, scalability, and simplification of ETL processes and integration with real-time and AI-driven applications.


Operation and automation of processes from own infrastructures, in the private, public, and hybrid cloud, through container orchestration systems to edge solutions.


We work in close collaboration with research centers and Universities by participating in research, development and innovation projects funded by the European Union and mentoring students.


Quanta Data Gateways

Transparent discovery and access to distributed and heterogeneous data sources. Incorporate FAIR data principles into your workflows.

Quanta AI Accelerator

Our AI accelerator speed-ups and simplifies AI-based applications using in-memory systems and technology integration.

Marine Data Management

Data management automation to reduce data fragmentation, add value, and enable tighter monitoring of strategy and operations.

Citizen Observatories

Our scalable information systems support community-based earth observation systems enhanced by citizens’ observations.


At Quanta Labs, we are aligned with the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations, and we promote and support citizen observatories, and we foster innovation in projects based on renewable energy.

Our values are strongly influenced by transparency and the spirit of transformation for the sustainability and well-being of the society we live in and future generations.

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Quanta Systems, S.L. 
Our location:  Alfons XII 308, Badalona, Barcelona, Spain, 08912.